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Best Treat Feeders for Chickens

Treat feeders and treat toys are not only a great way to give your chickens a healthy snack, but they’re also excellent for keeping chickens occupied and preventing them from getting bored.

In this article, I’m going to show you the best feeders and toys in terms of quality and effectiveness having tried and tested them on my own chickens.

All of the recommended feeders are from my favourite chicken shop, Omlet, where you can get innovative and unique chicken (and other pet) products that are available in many countries across the globe.

Just to let you know before we start, we sometimes recommend products which we feel might be helpful for a particular topic. Chicken Pals may receive a small commission for the recommendation however we only link to quality products and where possible those we have tried – for more information please see our privacy policy.

Omlet Caddi Treat Holder

Why the Caddi is a Great Treat Feeder

The Caddi might look similar to some other wild bird feeders which you can buy, but it’s designed with chickens in mind.

With wide bars and the ability to hang the feeder at different heights, the Caddi is perfect for feeding chickens healthy treats which they can easily get to.

Feeding treats in this way keeps the food clean and helps to keep chickens busier for longer.

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What Treats Can You Put in the Caddi?

Here are just some of the treats which work well in the Caddi are:

  • Leafy greens (such as kale, lettuce or spinach.
  • Cucumber (whole or sliced down the middle).
  • Whole sweet corn.
  • Watermelon.
  • Chicken treat balls.
  • Broccoli.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Apple.

What you put in there will depend on what your chickens like to eat most, but it needs to be big enough that it doesn’t fall out of the feeder and also easy for the chickens to peck at.

chicken eating veggies from omlet treat feeder

Where Can You Hang the Omlet Caddi?

The Omlet Caddi comes with a shorter rope which is attached to the feeder and an extra, longer rope and hook which you can use to extend the rope length.

Because of the various length options you can hang the feeder from all kinds of things so the feeder is at chicken height and is easy for them to get to.

The Caddi can be hung inside a chicken run or in places where they like to free-range, but I wouldn’t recommend hanging it inside a coop.

The hook on the extendible rope is perfect if you have an Omlet Cube Coop and run because it can be hung inside the run from the cage roof.

Omlet caddi treat feeder what you get - feeder and extra hanging cord

Value For Money

The Omlet Caddi is a high-quality product that is built to last making it excellent value for money.

You can also get an additional discount if you buy two feeders or a feeder pack which includes both the Caddi and a peck toy (see below for more information).

Shop the Omlet Caddi

Omlet is an online store that is available in many countries, you can visit either the US or UK site below to shop for the Omlet Caddi directly from the Omlet site in your region:

Omlet Poppy Peck Toys (Hanging & Fixed)

Why We Love Omlet Peck Toys

Omlet’s peck toys come in two distinct designs: a standing version and a hanging model, with an option to purchase a combo pack featuring both types.

This article was first published on April 23, 2021 by Pentagon-Pets.

These innovative toys release a small quantity of food each time a chicken pecks at them.

You can fill them with your chickens’ preferred feed or treats, offering an engaging activity as they figure out how to access the food inside.

chickens feeding from omlet feeder to show the size and how it works

What Feed Can You Put in an Omlet Pack Toy?

The best type of feed to put in an Omlet peck toy is dried corn and/or grain or small pellets which are small enough to fall through the holes when pecked.

We used a corn and grain seed mix, which our chickens love and you can buy by the sack for storing as and when you need it.

You could also put their normal feed in there if it’s small enough providing that it’s not too small that it will flow straight out.

We found that it’s a good idea to put your hand around the food container when you fill it up, which helps to stop food from falling out when you fill it up.

Where to Place a Peck Toy

The standing peck toy comes with a stick which you can push into any ground which is soft enough.

I would recommend pushing it into grass if you can to prevent the feed from becoming dirty when it drops out on to the ground.

You can also get a hanging version which can be hung inside a run or from garden furniture at the right height for your birds.

Value for Money

Omlet peck toys are good value for money because they keep chickens occupied throughout the day and are a great way to prevent them from getting bored.

Omlet peck toys are made from quality materials and are built to last and withstand constant use.

Further savings are also available if you buy a two-pack bundle of either the standing or hanging toys or you can get one of each at a discount.

Shop Omlet Peck Toys

Omlet is an online store which is available in many countries, you can visit either the US or UK site below to shop for the Omlet Caddi directly from the Omlet site in your region:

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