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Can Chickens Eat Grapes, Is It Safe?

If you own a chicken, you might be wondering what foods are safe for your chicken to digest? Chickens are omnivores, making it easier for them to choose their food in the wild. They can consume both animal and plant-based food available in front of them. But this does not mean that we can feed them whatever we want.

There are different factors that you should consider before feeding them certain foods. The first is to know whether these foods are safe for a chicken to digest. Chickens usually eat whichever their beaks come across, making them prone to the foods that they should not ingest.

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But what about grapes? Is it safe for chickens? Isn’t it a good source of multivitamins? We heard you, we know you are concerned about your chicken’s diet.

Grapes are safe and can be a healthy treat for chickens, rich in vitamins and hydration. It’s important to cut them into smaller pieces to prevent choking hazards. Given in moderation, grapes can be a delicious and beneficial addition to a chicken’s diet, enjoyed by the birds.

Is It Safe for Chickens to Eat Grapes, Should Your Chicken Have It?

Since chickens should have a balanced diet, adding a few new foods to their diet will help them enjoy their feeding time; and assure you that they are getting additional nutrients they will need as they grow older.

Feeding your chickens grapes is safe; it can also be a good addition to their diet; as they will benefit from the vitamins the fruit possesses. Grapes are rich in iron, potassium, fiber, and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Grapes will also promote healthy weight gain and bone development in your chickens. This fruit will also help your chicken keep a clean gut and strong immune system. Not only that, but feeding grapes to your chickens also enhances the quality of the eggs they will lay.

You might think that if grapes are safe for chickens, it means that raisins are also good for them? Since raisins are dried grapes, the answer is still yes. Chickens will enjoy consuming grapes and raisins. In addition to that, you can also consider giving your chickens frozen grapes! Your chicken will love pecking on their frozen berries! It will keep them amused, and well-fed. It will also help them regulate their body temperature, especially if you are located in a high humid area of your country.

What to Look Out for When Feeding Chickens with Grapes

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Now that you discovered that grapes are not harmful to chickens, there are still few things you must look out for; when feeding grapes.


Chickens only have their beaks, unlike other animals who have teeth. Your chickens might accidentally swallow the whole grape when given to them as it is. It will be ideal to chop the grapes into pieces before giving them to your chicken so they can easily peck the grapes and ease your worries about them choking. Chopping the grapes before giving them to your chickens will also help them digest the fruit easily.


Chickens don’t need excessive sugar in their body. Since grapes have a high content of sugar, make sure to give it to them as a treat only. Moderately giving grapes to your chickens will provide the added nutrition without harming or causing health issues to them.


Just like what we said, grapes are safe for chicken consumption. However, if you notice problems with your chicken after eating the fruit, the reason might be the chemicals used to grow the grapes. Before giving the grapes to your chickens, make sure to wash them thoroughly to rinse out all the chemicals used in growing the fruit.

Can Chickens Eat Grapes Whole?

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We understand your concern about your chickens. Since grapes are considered toxic to other animals, chickens are in a different situation. They are allowed to ingest grapes since it has no toxic contents for them. Ideally, little chicks must stay on the starter feed for up to six weeks.

Grapes don’t contain any toxic substances for chickens; they can safely consume a whole grape. But you should not let them get used to it. Even if grapes are considered safe for chickens, giving them too much is not ideal and healthy for them. Since grapes have high sugar content, it can hinder their health and can cause health problems.

But it doesn’t mean that you should avoid feeding grapes to your chickens. Instead, you can use grapes as an occasional treat for them. Once or twice a month is enough.

Can Chickens Eat Grapes with Seeds?

Red grapes on wood table with grape seeds

If you want to introduce fruits to your chickens, to provide them additional nutrition, you are more welcome to do so. You might also wonder if chickens can consume grapes with seeds.

Grape seeds have no harmful contents for chickens. However, since chickens don’t have teeth, this may become a choking hazard to them. Chickens only use their beak to break a small portion of their food, and grape seeds are already tiny to be broken into pieces. For safety measures, you can simply remove the seeds before feeding the grapes to your chickens or choose the seedless ones.

But if there is an instance that your chicken already ingested the grape seed, there is nothing you should worry about.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Grapes?

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Now that we have explained how grapes are safe for chicken, another thing that you might find concerning is can you give them as well to your chicks?

The answer is yes. It is safe for chicks to consume. But before feeding grapes to your chicks make sure that it is fresh and free from any chemical. You should also keep in mind that like chickens, grapes should be given moderately to chicks to avoid too much sugar intake.

Aside from that, just like any other domesticated animals, chicks and chickens can also get spoiled. Giving them tasty fruits like grapes daily might cause them to avoid the normal feed they eat and choose grapes instead. Keep in mind that grapes should only be given to chicks and chickens as treat, not as a feed substitute.

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