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Can Chicken Eat Orange – Is It Safe?

Chickens are living beings like humans or any other animals.  Most living beings like variety in their diets.  That includes fruits like oranges.

Chickens can eat oranges in moderation. They provide vitamin C and hydration, but should be given in small amounts due to their acidity. Remove the peel and seeds before feeding to avoid any digestive issues.

However, it’s important to ensure that oranges, like any treat, do not constitute a significant part of their diet. Chickens primarily require a balanced commercial poultry feed for their nutritional needs. Overfeeding fruits, including oranges, can lead to digestive issues and nutritional imbalances. Always introduce new foods gradually and observe your chickens for any adverse reactions. Additionally, ensure that the oranges are free from pesticides and other chemicals. Fresh, clean water should always be available, especially when feeding them fruits, to help them digest their food properly.

Oranges on a cutting board

If you want your chickens to eat oranges, you may have to get inventive as to how you serve it to them.  Some of your chickens might genuinely like the oranges whilst others refuse them in any form.

Is It Safe for Chickens to Eat Oranges, Should Your Chickens Have It?

Confused girl in green sweater

The problem is not whether it is safe, but will they eat it?  Chickens are individuals.  Some might eat it, some might not.

Yes, it is safe for chickens to eat oranges.  If you can find a way to get all your chickens to eat them, they will benefit from the nutritional value of the oranges.  This zesty fruit packs in the vitamin C as well as other nutrients that are good for chickens.  They really should have oranges in their diets.

For those members of your flock that will not eat straight up oranges, you might try cutting it up into small bits and mixing it in with their other favorite foods. 

What to Look Out for When Feeding Chickens Oranges

Sliced oranges in a bowl

As is true of any other types of foods, oranges should not be fed to chickens to excess.  It is good as an occasional treat.

This article was first published on August 23, 2022 by Pentagon-Pets.

The thing to look out for when feeding oranges to your chickens is not to do it too often.  Natural oranges contain sugar, and too much sugar could be harmful to them to chickens.  In general, it is fine for chickens to have oranges, just not many of them.  

The key is to feed oranges to your chickens in moderation.  The nutritional advantages contained in the oranges are healthy for the chickens to have.  So you need not exclude them. 

Can Chickens Eat Orange Peels/Rinds?

Orange peels

There are fruits and vegetables where it is safe to eat the peels, then some that are not.  Oranges are ones that are not.

NO, chickens cannot eat orange peels.  Although the orange itself is good for chickens, the peels are hard and thick.  If your chickens eat this they could choke or wind up with permanent digestive problems.  It is also difficult for chickens to pass orange peels and can be dangerous to them.

If you want to feed oranges to your chickens, be sure to cut the peels off and throw them away.  Better to be safe than sorry, especially with your flock.  Most of the time your chickens will not even try to eat the orange peels.  So, no need to worry.

Can Chickens Eat Orange Seeds?

Orange seeds

Orange seeds tend to be bulky and hard making them difficult to swallow.  It is best to avoid eating these whether it be an animal or a human being.

We would say NO, do not feed orange seeds to your chickens.  As is the case with the peel, the seeds present a choking hazard.  They are also difficult for the digestive track to process.  Stay clear of allowing your chickens to eat the orange seeds.

The seeds from the orange are another part that chickens most likely will not want, even if they like the fruit itself.  When preparing oranges for chicken consumption, leave the seeds out of the mix.

Can Chickens Eat Orange Slices?

Orange slices

Chickens are small animals.  So, if you are going to give them orange slices, it is best to cut them into small bits.

Yes, chickens can eat small orange slices.  For the chickens that do like the oranges, you might find them squabbling over the orange bits.  So, make sure each chicken gets their fair share.  Observe their behavior to ensure this.  It is probably better to hand feed the orange pieces to chickens that want them.  

For your chickens that will not eat orange slices at all, it is okay.  Never force them to have the oranges.  Some chickens might find the orange slices too tangy for their own taste.  If you mix it in with their regular feed, the chickens might stop eating that too.  So, do not force them to eat it. 

Can Chickens Eat Orange Pulp?

Orange pulp

The problem with orange pulp is that it tends to get stuck inside one’s mouth.  This can happen with chickens too.  That may turn the chickens off to eating it.

Yes, chickens can eat orange pulp, provided they have not been turned off to the idea.  You can try giving your orange fan chickens a handful of pulp once in a while.  The nutrients from the oranges are healthy for them.

Again, make sure there is enough pulp available for your chickens that like it.  This will prevent squabbles and tussles.  If there are some chickens that do not want the orange pulp, that is okay. 

Can Chickens Eat Blood Oranges?

Blood oranges on table

A blood orange is a fruit that looks like an ordinary orange on the outside, but contains a deep red color on the inside. 

Your chickens can eat the blood oranges, but may well choose not to.  They are not likely to notice the color difference, however, your chickens might not like the taste of blood oranges.  If they won’t eat this, don’t force them.

As is the case with ordinary oranges, some of your chickens might want the blood oranges and some might not.  If you have chickens that like this, be sure to have an ample supply of it. 

Can Baby Chickens Eat Oranges?

Baby chickens walking

Care must be taken when feeding baby chickens to ensure they get a well-balanced diet.  This includes fruits such as oranges.

Yes, baby chickens can eat oranges.  However, be careful when first introducing this to the babies.  Giving them too much of the oranges or any citrus fruits can upset their stomachs.  As with the adult chickens, some babies may not want it.

If your baby chickens do not want the oranges, it is okay.  It is better to give them a well-balanced diet featuring the foods they do like.  This is also important for proper growth and maturing of all your baby chickens. 

Can Chickens Have Orange Juice?

Cut orange and a glass cup of orange juice

In addition to being well-fed your chickens must be properly hydrated.  Liquids should be provided to them on a regular basis.

Yes, technically your chickens can have orange juice.  But, will they want it?  You can try pouring some into a liquid holder and seeing if they will drink it.  Odds are high they will not.  In that case, give them fresh water frequently.

While drinking orange juice is not harmful to your chickens, most of them probably will not like it.  Again, that is okay and don’t press the issue.  Forcing them to drink orange juice may turn them off to liquids altogether.  That is NOT good at all.

Can Chickens Eat Orange Leaves?

Oranges trees in orchard

We have been discussing the appeal of oranges to your chickens.  What about orange leaves?  Can they have these?

Yes, chickens can eat orange leaves.  You could discover that the chickens who do not want the orange fruit love the leaves.  In that case, give those chickens plenty of leaves.  In fact, the leaves are good for the entire flock.

Pentagon Pet is the owner of this article that was first published on August 23, 2022.

Orange leaves could become one of your chickens’ favorite foods.  They are fine for the chickens to have and will provide lots of nutrition.  While humans don’t like to eat orange leaves, your chickens are very likely to love them. 

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