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Can Chicken Eat Strawberries – Is It Safe?

Chickens aren’t really picky eaters and they’re likely to eat just about anything they can get in their beaks. That, obviously, is cause for worry for most chicken farmers. Although humans enjoy strawberries and their health benefits, you won’t be faulted for wondering if the same is said for chickens.

Chickens can safely eat strawberries. These fruits are a healthy treat, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. However, they should be given in moderation due to their high sugar content. It’s also important to ensure the strawberries are clean and free from pesticides.

Strawberries lined up in field

While strawberries are a nutritious snack for chickens, they should be considered more like a dessert than a main course. Just like humans shouldn’t subsist solely on sweet treats, chickens need a balanced diet primarily consisting of commercial feed, which provides essential nutrients. Strawberries can be a delightful treat but should not replace their regular, nutritionally complete feed.

An interesting fact about chickens and strawberries is that chickens don’t just eat the fruit; they can also consume the leaves and stems, which are not harmful to them. Offering strawberries to chickens is like giving kids fruit salad – a colorful, healthy snack that’s enjoyable but should be part of a varied diet. This approach ensures that your chickens get a wide range of nutrients while enjoying their favorite treats.

Is It Safe for Chicken to Eat Strawberries? Should Your Chicken Have It?

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Chickens are used to foraging for food throughout the day and throwing a few fresh strawberries in their area is a nice way to get them to snack on something healthy and delicious. 

Chickens can eat strawberries in moderation, and get lots of health benefits from them. Strawberries are high in Vitamin C as well as a good source of protein, so they’re a good idea for farmers who want to keep their chickens healthy.

Fresh strawberries are also a source of Vitamin B9, which can help to promote healthy tissue growth, as well as fiber. As long as strawberries are fed in moderation, they’re a good addition to your chickens’ diets.

What to Look Out for When Feeding Chicken With Strawberries?

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As mentioned above, feeding chickens too many strawberries isn’t recommended. It’s best to have a balanced diet that consists of strawberries, seeds, greens, bugs, and other fruits so your chickens can be as healthy as possible.

When feeding chickens strawberries, it’s important to keep moderation in mind because these fruits are quite high in sugar, which can negatively affect the metabolic ability of your chickens.

If you are feeding your chickens strawberries that you grew yourself, you don’t need to worry about prepping them beforehand. You don’t even need to cut the strawberries into smaller pieces-the chickens will enjoy pecking the flesh on their own.

However, if your strawberries are store-bought, it’s a good idea to wash them before feeding them to your chickens. There could be any number of elements (such as pesticides) present that can be bad for your chickens.

Don’t feed the chickens too many strawberries (it should only be about 10% of their total diet), and make sure they eat other fruits like bananas and apples as well.

Can Chickens Eat Strawberries Tops?

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Most farmers remove the tops of strawberries for their compost before feeding the strawberries to their chickens. Much like apple seeds, strawberry tops pose a health risk to chickens, albeit not a big one. As such, most chicken farmers prefer to keep them far away from their poultry.

Strawberry tops aren’t good for chickens, though they likely won’t die from consuming them. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to remove the tops from strawberries before feeding them to the chickens. This is done to avoid health problems.

These tops contain cyanide which is released as strawberries are picked. The amount of cyanide isn’t fatal, but it is still enough to make chickens feel queasy and has a negative impact on their egg production as well as their digestive systems.

Can Chickens Eat Strawberries Plants?

Strawberry plant with white flower

Strawberries have been found to be a good way to enhance the diets of chickens in general, but that doesn’t mean they should be eating the entire plant. Still, not all of it is bad, with the majority of the strawberry plant being quite a good nutrient source for chickens.

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Chickens can eat most of the strawberry plant with no health risks. In fact, apart from the tops, the plants are rather nutritional. The leaves, for example, are actually beneficial to the health of chickens once consumed.

Strawberry leaves contain antioxidants that can help to keep your chickens healthy in the long run by strengthening their immune systems. Adding the leaves to your chickens’ diets may be a good idea as part of a balanced diet.

Can Chickens Eat Strawberries Stems?

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Chickens, as mentioned before, aren’t picky eaters. They will eat anything they’re given, and that includes the stems of strawberry plants if they can find them. In most cases, though, chickens prefer the strawberry itself.

Chickens can eat strawberry stems—these parts of the strawberry plant offer no health risk and won’t negatively affect them in the long run. Similar to strawberry leaves, they’re safe to consume, unless too many of them are eaten.

Most chicken farmers don’t even bother to find strawberry stalks for their chickens and simply stick to feeding them the strawberries and other food they’re meant to be eating.

Can Chickens Eat Moldy Strawberries?

Two moldy strawberries

Moldy strawberries are something that all of us encounter at one point or another. And none of us would like to put them in our mouths. The mold on the strawberries is very unsightly and probably tastes just as bad, even for chickens.

Chickens should not be fed moldy strawberries. The mold can lead to the birds getting sick. Simply getting into contact with moldy strawberry surfaces can actually be lethal for chickens.

Always make sure that the strawberries you feed to your chickens are as fresh as possible. They may be bruised and look less perfect than the strawberries you see in advertisements, but they must never be moldy.

Can Chickens Eat Frozen Strawberries?

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Although most people don’t think about it, even animals get annoyed by the heat when the summer is in full force. They also like to cool down and frozen or chilled fruits can be a fantastic treat for them, including chickens.

Chickens can enjoy chilled strawberries as a nice, cool treat when it gets ridiculously hot outside. Since chickens spend all their time outside, they don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, but frozen strawberries will be most appreciated by them.

Remember that if you want to give your chickens frozen strawberry snacks, you need to clean them before freezing them so no bacteria is present when they eat them.

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