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Recent Posts

  • Can Chicken Eat Spaghetti – Is It Safe?

    While chickens can eat spaghetti noodles, the safety depends on how you serve it to them, and it is important to pay close attention to the portions. Noodles should only be fed in small amounts to chickens, and when feeding dry noodles, you should grind them or break them into small pieces to make them safe for the chicken to eat. 

  • Can Chicken Eat Asparagus – Is It Safe? 

    Yes, chicken can eat all the parts of asparagus – but you need to make sure that the pieces are small enough, given that chicken don’t have teeth. You don’t want them choking on their food, do you? They should have no problem eating asparagus fern, though. 

  • Can Chicken Eat Tea – Is It Safe?

    Chickens can eat green tea leaves, and it contains various flavonoids and antioxidants, which can be beneficial to your flock. Just make sure that you don’t give them too many green tea leaves and the tea you do give them doesn’t contain any additional ingredients, such as spices or flavorings.

  • Can Chicken Eat Strawberries – Is It Safe?

    Chickens can enjoy chilled strawberries as a nice, cool treat when it gets ridiculously hot outside. Since chickens spend all their time outside, they don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, but frozen strawberries will be most appreciated by them.

  • Can Chicken Eat Cherries – Is It Safe?

    Chickens can safely eat cherry plants, but most farmers will find that they only really enjoy the fruits and not the stems. Cherries contain many good nutrients that chickens need to be healthy, so adding them to their diet is a good idea, as long as it’s done in moderation.

  • Can Chicken Eat Papaya – Is it Safe?

    While unripe papaya isn’t toxic to your chickens, it does contain salicylates, which have shown to thin the blood. This means that if your chickens eat unripe papaya and then become wounded, the wound could bleed more profusely than if they didn’t consume the unripened papaya.

  • Can Chicken Eat Cantaloupe – Is It Safe?

    Chickens can eat cantaloupe leaves since there are no harmful substances or toxins in the plant. However, the leaves and vines of this melon do not provide much nutritional value for the chickens, nor are they very tasty. So don’t be alarmed if your flock isn’t interested in eating the leaves.

  • Can Chicken Eat Chia – Is It Safe?

    Chickens can safely eat all parts of chia. From the seeds to the sprouts and even the adult plant, which is called Salvia hispanica. As with anything that isn’t a part of their main diet, you should limit the amount of chia the birds eat to help reduce the chance of gastrointestinal distress.