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  • How To Raise And Care For Bresse Chicken

    The main problem with raising Bresse chickens comes from the fact that this breed needs space, which means they are not the best choice for backyards with limited space. If possible, allow this breed to free range or provide them with an abundance of run space.

  • How To Raise And Care For Ginger Broiler Chickens

    Ginger Broilers can be fed the same food as your layer breeds. The chicks should also be given high-quality starter or grower food. To help supplement their diet, you should allow the Ginger Broilers to forage, which is an activity that this breed loves to do.

  • How To Raise And Care For Dorking Chickens

    Dorking chickens cannot handle extreme temperatures. They can experience heat stroke when the temperature is too high, so make sure to provide them with plenty of shade and fresh cold water. When the temperature is too cold, their large combs and wattles can develop frostbite.

  • How To Raise And Care A Buckeye Chicken

    The typical problems associated with raising Buckeye chickens include broodiness and noisiness. They can also be picked up by other more aggressive chickens in your flock. While these are not normally deal breakers, it is something you should consider beforehand.

  • How To Raise And Care For A Dark Cornish Chicken

    Dark Cornish chickens don’t have any specialized dietary needs and will do well if provided a high quality commercial chicken feed. Dark Cornish chickens will also supplement their diet with various grains, seeds, and insects they find while scratching and foraging.

  • How To Raise And Care For Kosher King Chicken

    Kosher King chickens don’t require a specialized diet and can actually consume less commercial feed than other breeds, thanks to their natural tendency to aggressively forage. They will need a high quality commercial feed that matches their life stage.

  • How To Raise And Care For Turken Chicken

    Turkens are hardy chickens that don’t deal with many health problems. This breed even thrives in hot climates. However, they cannot handle cold temperatures very well. The only real health problems to be concerned with are the same ones that can impact any chicken breed.

  • How To Raise And Care For Big Red Broilers Chicken

    Big Red Broilers should be fed a high quality commercial chicken feed. Because this breed is such an excellent forage, you should allow them room to grace, which also means they will supplement their diet with nutritious grains, grubs, insects, and seeds they find.