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Recent Posts

  • Raising Dominique Chicken (How To Care)

    Dominique chickens love to forage, and like to scratch and forage for as much of their own food as possible. Commercial chicken feed that is of high quality is also recommended to help supplement their dietary needs when they don’t eat enough when foraging.

  • How To Raise And Care For Jersey Giant Chicken

    The Jersey Giant chicken is a bird that loves to forage, which means the best type of food for them is the bugs, grass, and seeds they get from foraging. You will, however, need to supplement their foraging with high grade chicken feed. You can also feed them healthy table scraps from your kitchen.

  • How To Raise And Care For Rhode Island Red Chicken

    Rhode Island Red chickens are not a picky breed and can eat the same type of feed as the other chickens in your flock. Most experts recommend providing them with a commercial layer mix, as well as providing them a place to forage for seeds, insects, and plants.

  • Raising Brahma Chicken (How To Care)

    Brahma chickens are not picky about their food, and they don’t require any special dietary needs. This means you can feed them the same food that you feed the rest of your chickens. If you get the Brahmas when they are chicks, start by feeding them 21% starter feed.

  • Can Chicken Eat Plum – Is It Safe?

    Yes, chickens can have wild plums.  In any variety, plums are healthy for chickens to have as a treat now and then.  The only problem could be that some wild plums could be rotten.  You would not necessarily know about this until your chickens get sick.

  • Can Chicken Eat Kiwi – Is It Safe?

    Yes, chickens can eat raw room temperature kiwi. You can either give them plain kiwi or mix in with other foods to give your chickens the variety they crave. Raw kiwi can also be served with a mixture of other fresh fruits. Chickens love this type of thing.

  • Can Chickens Eat Watermelon – Is It Safe?

    Yes, although watermelon in its entirety is healthy for chickens, too much of it can make them sick.  Perhaps mix up the parts of the watermelon plants.  Only allow your chickens to have this on occasion.  The natural sugars contained in the watermelon should not be over fed to chickens too often.

  • Can Chicken Eat Orange – Is It Safe?

    Yes, chickens can eat small orange slices.  For the chickens that do like the oranges, you might find them squabbling over the orange bits.  So, make sure each chicken gets their fair share.  Observe their behavior to ensure this.  It is probably better to hand feed the orange pieces to chickens that want them.