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Recommended products for chicken keeping

This page is a directory to our recommended chicken products, from chicken coops to feed and health treatments, we’ve included the best quality products in each category.

The links below will take you through to our recommended products in each category.

Chicken coop accessories

See our recommended chicken coop accessories including the best automatic chicken coop door which you can fit to any coop, to keep your chickens safe while allowing you more flexibility. See the products here…

Image of the Omlet Automatic coop door
Image credit – (permission given)

Grit and oyster shell

Grit is an essential addition to a chickens diet because it helps to break down the food they eat and aids digestion. Oyster shell, which is often mixed with grit is an excellent source of calcium for birds who don’t get enough calcium in their diet or have a calcium deficiency. See our recommended grit and oyster shell products here.

Image of Omlet mixed chicken grit
Image credit – (permission given)

Chicken perches and swings

Chicken perches inside a coop are a vital piece of chicken equipment. Our recommended extendable perches can be fitted to any coop or run.

Also, the chicken swing is an excellent boredom buster which your chickens will love. See our recommended perches and swing here.

Image credit – (permission given)

Chicken feeders and drinkers

Chicken feeders and drinkers are two of the main items of equipment that you’ll need when you start out as a chicken keeper.

We’ve created a page of recommended feeders and drinkers which are perfect for both larger and smaller chicken flocks. See our recommended feeders and drinkers here.

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