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Recommended chicken coop accessories

The products on this page are our favorite and recommended chicken coop accessories which will help you to create the best environment in which chickens need to comfortably roost and nest.

Before I start, I just need to let you know that at Chicken Pals, we only recommend the best quality products which in many cases we’ve tried and tested. This page contains links to a product which is available via affiliate partners (Omlet & Amazon) – for full information you can read our privacy policy here.

Our recommended chicken coop accessories on this page include:

  • The Omlet Universal Automatic chicken coop door (compatible with all chicken coops)
  • Omlet Coop Light (works with the automatic coop door)

The Omlet Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door

If there are times when you can’t be there to let your chickens out of the coop in the morning or to make sure the coop is safely closed up at night then an automatic coop door will help to keep your chickens safe as they roost at night.

Being able to let chickens out of the coop early on in the morning helps to prevent chickens from becoming bored which can lead to pecking and broken eggs.

We recommend the Omlet Universal Chicken Coop Door because it not only fits to Omlet Coops, it also fits to almost any coop including wooden and DIY coops.

Image of the Omlet Automatic coop door
Image credit – (permission given)

This automatic coop door works by opening and closing the sliding door at either a time of your choice or by using the light sensor option.

There’s no risk of chickens becoming trapped in the door because theres also a sensor which stops the door from closing if a chicken is blocking the door way.

In addition to the using the Omlet Automatic Door on coops it can also be fixed to a run, which allows you to let your chickens out to free-range at a certain time and will secure the run when it’s time to roost.

Image of the Omlet Automatic coop door on a run and coop
Image credit – (permission given)

You can buy the Omlet Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door directly from Omlet via the link below:

Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Along with fitting accessories (via the link below) which you may need if you’re fitting the door to a wooden or DIY coop.

Autodoor Fixing Packs & Accessories

Omlet Coop light

The Omlet coop light can fit to any coop and works in conjunction with the Omlet Automatic door.

The light is placed inside the coop and will come on five minutes before the door is due to close which will promt the chickens to go into roost.

The light can also be manually switched on at any time, which is good for chickens who are settling into a new home and need extra help finding their roosting place.

Image of the Omlet coop light
Image credit – (permission given)

The Omlet Coop light is a great addition to the Autodoor, for you so you can see what’s going on the dark and for the chickens. The Omlet Coop Light is available directly from Omlet via the link below:

Omlet Chicken Coop Light

Omlet Autodoor Review

You can read my full review and breakdown of the Omlet Autodoor here.