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Recommended Chicken swing and perches

Chickens love to spend time in an elevated position, not only at roosting time but during the day too. Making sure a coop has perches is key for encouraging natural behaviour and to prevent chickens from sleeping in nest boxes or roosting outside of the coop.

On this page, I’ll show you our recommended perches along with a chicken swing which will help to keep your chickens entertained.

Before I start, I just need to let you know that at Chicken Pals, we only recommend the best quality products which in many cases we’ve tried and tested. This page contains links to a product which is available via affiliate partners (Omlet & Amazon) – for full information you can read our privacy policy here.

The Chicken Swing – from Omlet

Image credit (permission given)

The Chicken Swing, available from Omlet is a great addition to a chicken run or outside area to prevent chicken boredom. Chickens enjoy being elevated and many will happily sit on a swing to sunbathe or preen at the times of day when they like to relax.

The Omlet Chicken Swing includes the following features:

  • A corn-like surface to help with grip as chickens perch.
  • Rope buckles for easy installation to any frame or run mesh.
  • Optional cross member to make attachment extra secure if you’re attaching to a mesh roof on a run.

This chicken swing is made from quality materials and is easy to install using ropes which can be looped around any type of frame, branch or heavy-duty wire mesh, depending on your run set up.

It also works really well with the run which attaches to the omlet cube.

The swing rope length can be adjusted so that it’s the right hight for chickens to jump onto while still being elevated.

If you want to introduce a chicken swing to your chickens, click the link below to visit the Omlet store:

Shop for chicken swings here

Chicken coop perches

Perches are an integral part of a chicken coop and they can also be used inside a chicken run to give chickens the option of resting in an elevated position while they’re outdoors.

Not all chicken coops come with built-in perches so you might need to install them separately.

If you’re looking to buy perches, we recommend Omlet Perches which are easy to fit and are available in either 1 or 2 meter lengths and can be fitted to either a wire mesh run or inside a coop of any type.

Image of an omelet perch fitted to a coop
Image credit (permission given)

Omlet perches are extendable so you can adjust them to fit your coop or run surface whether it’s a ready-made or DIY coop.

If you have an Omlet coop already they’re also compatible with the run area and are easy to install.

1 or 2 meter length perches can be bought directly from Omlet via the link below:

Shop Omlet Perches here